The AI revolution at the service of Crypto!

You need to hold > 100k of $cai token to use the webapp


Random winner, automatic prize payment by bot.


The most comprehensive and innovative Buybot


Buy cryptocurrencies of your choice directly on telegram.


The perfect bot to take your messaging experience up a notch.


Bot tracks tweets with predefined hashtags/cashtags.


The perfect tool to analyze any ERC20 wallet.

And more to come…

Partners & Backers :

CryptoAI is a project at the forefront of artificial intelligence technology!

The native token of the CryptoAI project is $CAI, an ERC-20 token representing the core value of this project. 

$CAI is a key component that fuels the CryptoAI ecosystem. It will be primarily used for all the operations within the CryptoAI ecosystem.

All bots are totally free to use. Holders of the Native token $CAI will receive advantages on the use of our bots and future bots.


Buy using uniswap

Buy on centralized exchanges



The ultimate automatic buy contest running 24/7 with 4 options, price target, random lottery, biggest buy and mixed ( biggest + random). What can be more fun other than sheer suspense? Random winner picked at a random time with the competition prize paid automatically by a bot. Fully automated, reliable and secure.

+ 0 ETH
≈ $ 250000


The Ultimate Crypto Investment Tool

The buy bot is a special tool with numerous features which provides a comprehensive view of the cryptocurrency market.
Track buys on your personal cryptocurrencies, identify potential moonshots and stay up-to-date on the latest crypto trends.
CryptoBuys can also display any chart with the dedicated command: « /c [ticker of the token].

A life changing tool, right at your fingertips.


The limit, your imagination

All-in-one artificial intelligence, for free.
A bot that produces intelligent replies to statements and questions (GPT-4 technology), creates amazing visuals (Imagine and ImagineHQ functions) and hilarious memes.
This revolutionary bot can also produce Mind-blowing voice and video deep fakes of your favorite celebrities.

Some Multiai - Imagine creations


Effortless Crypto Community Boosting

A bot which tracks tweets based on your predefined hashtags or cashtag.
The raid bot is an innovative bot made to ease the work of raiders and also encourage collective actions in crypto communities.
Just set-up your personalized hashtags or cashtag and let the bot do the tracking and sharing for you.
RaidAI also rewards users for their shilling performance, with its unique system known as RAID TO EARN. Through this system, talented shillers can be rewarded for spreading the word on Twitter. Raid AI’s RAID TO EARN system can be setup in any telegram group.


trade DIRECTLY oN telegram

DirectSwap by CryptoAI is the first bot that allow anyone to buy tokens on Uniswap just with a simple /buy command on Telegram. By doing it, users no longer have to leave the comfort of their favorite messaging platform to securely buy and sell cryptocurrencies. 

This bot can also be incorporated by developers in their own projects, in order to enable investors to buy their token directly on Telegram. 

Simple, safe and secure.


analyze any ERC20 wallet

A bot that analyses ERC20 wallets. Leverages AI to provide investors with investment insights, wallet psychological analysis, trading progress score, ROI, best/worst trades and many more statistics to help cryptocurrency investors to maximize returns.

To create a complete ecosystem revolving around our free-to-use innovative bots, we will be creating an Ad system and a tax system on DirectSwap. The revenues generated from paid adverts and taxes will go directly into the $CAI ecosystem in the form of buyback, burn and staking system for $CAI holders.